SEO Specialist in Toronto

Here is why you might need to hire an SEO Specialist in Toronto

ore and more companies completely rely on the Internet to do business. They advertise on the Web, they pitch on the Web, they close deals on the Web. There is no other marketing for these companies, but digital. But the Web is changing fast. And it changes everything around it. In fact, marketing has changed more in the past 2 years than in the past 50.

And because of this speed of change, staying on top of all important digital marketing trends (e.g. Google updates, Facebook algorithm tweaks, best SEO practices, etc.) requires one’s full dedication. Successful SEOs and Digital Marketers start their day not with a cup of coffee, but with a glance at they tweeter feeds where they look for the latest SEO news. They have their portion of marketing blogs for lunch, and hands-on digital marketing practice for dinner.

And am proud to be one of them. I am proud to be an SEO specialist! I am proud to be able to help businesses grow. Help them rank for keywords that not just bring traffic, but make money. To develop holistic digital marketing strategies which go hand in hand with business strategies of my clients. I am proud to be accountable for the real business-related results. If you are looking for a real SEO expert in Toronto contact me now.

SEO Services in Toronto

Demand for SEO services (Search Engine Optimization specialists, agencies, and companies) in Toronto increases every year. Everyone from small shops at Finch and Young to large corporations in Downtown Toronto Core has understood the importance of online presence, and many rely on Internet marketing completely. Everyone is out there, and everyone wants to be the first. Being on the second page of Google is not going to cut it anymore. Your website might as well be on the 10th. No one will notice.

As in many other industries growing demand for the services (in our case – SEO) generates a supply of often suboptimal quality. Many SEO agencies and so-called SEO experts will promise you the stars, but won’t deliver. They will often outsource the SEO services to other countries where quality standards could be much lower, so is the cost.

I am not an SEO company, nor I am an online marketing agency. I do not spread responsibilities and do not share accountability with anyone. I am an SEO Specialist who takes a project, conducts website audits (technical, local, SEO), digs deep to understand the business and its goals, plans, and executes from start to finish. I care about every client and make sure to work on things that really matter for their business, and don’t just create an illusion of work.

Local SEO Services in Toronto

Local Search Optimization (Local SEO, LSO) is a set of digital marketing techniques that helps local businesses rank higher in the local 3-pack and Google Maps for location-related searches (explicit and implicit). Location-related queries are extremely important for local businesses as they generally have a very high buying intent. People searching for “restaurant near me”, or “dodge dealer in Toronto” have almost always made up their mind on what they want, and are looking for someone to satisfy their need. And it’s up to you whether this someone is you or your competitor.

Some of the services I provide as part of Local Search Optimization service include:
Website Audit
Keyword Research & Planning
Competition Analysis
On-page optimization for location-related queries
Schema markup implementation
Google My Business profile optimization
Citation building & cleanup to ensure consistent NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) mentions on the most important business directories
Link Building
Other services as required

The services above are just the most common actions needed to be completed to improve businesses’ local rankings, but every business is unique, and so is my approach to every client. Depending on the business size, number of locations, competition, industry, etc., I will create the best plan of actions possible to ensure the best results.

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