How To Become an SEO Specialist in Canada

Want to know how to become an SEO Expert in Canada? In order to find out what hard skills Canadian companies are looking for in Entry-Level (0-1 year experience) SEOs, we analyzed about 50 relevant job postings found on Indeed, LinkedIn, Monster, and Workopolis, and pulled the most desirable (most often mentioned) skills Canadian companies are looking for in aspiring Digital Marketers. If you have no to little work experience and dream of becoming an SEO Expert learning the skills listed below should definitely help you.

Top 10 entry-level SEO skills in Canada:

TOP 10 SEO Skills in Canada

  1. SEO – 100%
  2. Search Engine Optimization experience/knowledge was mentioned in all analyzed job postings. You might want to start your own blog to practice SEO.
  3. Google Analytics – 70%
  4. Google Analytics Individual Qualification (IQ) is a free certification, which you most likely will need to complete.
  5. PPC/AdWords – 60%
  6. Another free Google Certification that is worth your attention is AdWords Certificate.
  7. HTML – 55%
  8. HyperText Markup Language is the standard markup language used to create web pages.
  9. Social Media Marketing – 55%
  10. Digital Marketers are T-Shaped professionals, and Social Media should definitely be on your radar as great traffic-generation and brand-awareness tool.
  11. CSS – 45%
  12. Cascading Styles Sheets (CSS) along with HTML (number 4) and JavaScript (which didn’t make it to the top 10) is a cornerstone technology used to create web pages.
  13. Content Writing – 45%
  14. Some say that SEO is actually all about content marketing. Your blog (number 1) should help you learn how to write for SEO.
  15. WordPress – 25%
  16. A quarter of companies is looking for someone with knowledge of the most popular blogging system on the web.
  17. Microsoft Office (Excel/Word) – 25%
  18. Microsoft Excel can be the best friend of an SEO Expert.
  19. Google Keyword Planner – 25%
  20. You need to know what keywords to target, and the Keyword Planner one of the best tools for that.

Some other important skills that did not quite make it to the top 5 are:
Link Building; Email Marketing; Google Search Console; Local SEO; JavaScript; A/B Testing; and Adobe Creative Suite.

So, there you have it, some of the most important skills Canadian companies are looking for in entry-level SEOs.

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