Google is Testing “Book a Room”, “Reserve a Room”, and “Compare Rates” Calls to Action in Hotels’ Knowledge Panels

Update:: Google rolled out “Book a Room” CTA on October 24.
Google is testing at least 3 new calls to action in hotels’ knowledge panels.

book a hotel room cta test google reserve a room cta test compare rates cta test

The “Book a Room”, “Reserve a Room”, and “Compare Rates” CTAs take users to the “rates” tab, which was added to hotels’ local panels earlier this month.

rates tab


Google often tests various CTAs in knowledge panels. Earlier this year Google was testing “View rates” call to action in hotels knowledge panels, that had the same conversion goal of hotel bookings through paid ads in Knowledge Panels:

Also, just under a year ago Google was testing a similarly designed “Write a Review” call to action to encourage more reviews:

Interestingly, Bing Ads was testing a similar “Book a Room” call to action this past summer, as Jennifer Slegg reported on The SEM Post.

It’s hard to say whether this new feature is going to stick, but what we know for certain is that Google continues to push for more engagement and conversions directly in search results pages, and it’s especially obvious in the hospitality space.

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