Google Adds New “Get in Line” CTA to Local Panels

Some restaurant local panels now display “Get in Line” call to action that can be used by users to get on a waiting list. The CTA seems to be available across all devices.

Google Get in Line CTA - MobileGoogle Get in Line CTA - Desktop

Clicking on the CTA opens a waitlist interface where users can select the size of their part, see approximate wait time, and join a waiting list.

Google Get in Line - reservationGoogle Get in Line - mobile

While the CTA is located where the “Reserve a Table” call to action usually can be found, I would speculate that we may potentially see both of them displayed at the same time. Google could use the 2-CTA restaurant panel interface that’s been tested since December.

This new feature seems to be another step in Google’s reservation program expansion. Earlier today I posted about the new “find a table” restaurant local pack filter.


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