Google Has Updated The List Of Reasons For Reporting Inappropriate Business Photos

Google has updated the list of reasons for reporting inappropriate business photos.

I do not know when the update happened, but I have this screenshot from May 2017:

Google My Business - Report Photo (old)

And here is what I see now:

GMB - report photo

Previous list of reasons Current list of reasons
Wrong place
Poor image quality Poor quality photo
Pornography or explicit sexual content Sexually explicit / strongly suggestive
Hate speech or graphic violence Hate speech
Copyright content Copyright or other legal issues
Content is not relevant
Illegal activity
Harassment or bullying
Privacy concerns
Profane or obscene content
Promotion of regulated goods


As you can see Google has changed the wording of most of the reasons and added 6 new reasons. What’s interesting is that Google has removed “Wrong place” and “Spam” reasons from the list, although, “Content is not relevant” could probably include both.

From my experience business owners are often frustrated with irrelevant and poor-quality images uploaded by users, and there is no easy way of dealing with them. While businesses can update most of their location info (e.g. phone number, hours, address) using their GMB profile, in the case of inappropriate images, submitting a report and contacting Google support are the only viable options, as images selected as preferred in GMB are often ignored by Google.

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