Google Adds Mall Directory to Shopping Malls’ Local Knowledge Panels

Google has added a new feature to shopping malls’ local panels. The new Mall Directory is displayed in the overview tab, as well as in the new “Directory” tab of many shopping malls

google mall directory overview tab eaton

google mall directory tab - eaton

The new feature allows you to search for a store name or use one of many bubble filters (e.g. Clothing, Shoes, Food & Drin, etc.) to find a place inside a shopping mall. Stores are sorted alphabetically in the directory, so while there are no immediate opportunities for marketers to outrank competition within the directory, ensuring that your property is correctly marked as “located in” a mall, and targets all relevant categories should help maximize your exposure. I’ve seen way too many stores with incorrect “located in” tags, and from my experience, the only way to fix them is to contact Google My Business support (so, go check your clients’ Knowledge Panels for this).

Since adding tabs to knowledge panels last year Google has been expanding their use. For example, in July Google added Menu tab to restaurants’ local panels, and in September tabs were rolled out to hotels’ local panels.

Mall Directories have been available on Google Search Android app since 2014, but the feature has not been available in search results until now.
I personally think this addition is very much in line with Google’s many recent changes that seem to be aimed at keeping users within Google’s properties, and as a user, I see how this new feature can be very useful.

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