Google Tests Your Match Score in Local Search Results (Updated)

Update: The initial version of this post suggested that the feature has been rolled out. As I am no longer able to replicate it on any of my devices, I believe this is still being tested.

Google is now testing Your Match Score in local search results:

Google Your Match score - local pack Google Your Match - Local Finder

Google first introduced the Your Match feature to Maps in May 2018 and until recently it was only available in the Maps mobile app. Mike Blumenthal shared a screenshot of the feature seen in SERPs with me in December, but I was not able to replicate it at the time. Now I am seeing it on different devices, in different browsers, and different accounts.

According to Google, they use machine learning to generate the Your Match number, based on a few factors: what they know about a business, the food and drink preferences users selected in Google Maps, places they have been to, and whether they rated a restaurant or added it to a list.

Based on what we know about the feature, the only way for businesses to try to influence their Match score is getting more reviews from more users, and perhaps having more users add them to their lists. Reviews have long been an important factor in local search and with this if the feature rolls out their importance is only going to increase. This means that users who are not logged in, or have not reviewed local businesses and/or created lists in Maps will not see the score.

At this time Your Match score seems to only be tested for restaurants and bars, but I would not be surprised to see it expand to more categories. I also wouldn’t be surprised to see Your Match score have an impact on personalized rankings either directly, or via some sort of Best Match filter when rolled out.

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