For f@(k’s sake – Google Tests Explore Feature In Local Search Results

Google now displays similar local businesses next to (on desktop), or above (on mobile) local knowledge panels after a user searches different businesses within one category several times.
similar to on mobile -google local

similar toon desktop - google local

Explore Google Local

Google is still testing 2 different variations of the feature – “similar to” and “explore” carousels.

The carousel features 5 listings that are picked based on their category and proximity to the searched business.

Interestingly, it looks like the feature has a bug on desktop that makes all of its elements unclickable.

While most businesses are not going to be happy seeing their direct competitors featured so prominently on their branded searches, the Explore feature is only triggered when user’s behavior suggests that they are still in consideration stage and have already searched for 3-5 similar businesses.

2019-08-28 – Mike Blumenthal came up with a much better title for the story when he came across the test, so, I’m going to use it for this post:)

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