Google Has Rolled Out Location Tab & Location Score for Hotel Listings

After a month of testing, Google seems to have rolled out a new location tab and location scores for hotel local listings.

The new score appears under the overview tab as well as under the new location tab:
google hotel location score - overview tab

The score under the new tab is broken out by scores for proximity, transit, and airport access:
hotel location score

The location tab also has 3 sub-tabs – Highlights, Top Sights, and Getting Around:
google hotel location tab - highlights google hotel location tab - things to do google hotel location tab - getting around

As a disclaimer under the location score states, “scores are calculated based on data from Google Maps and evaluate the hotel’s proximity to nearby things to do, transportation, and airports.

Interestingly, but perhaps not surprisingly, the 3 criteria (proximity to nearby things to do, transportation, and airports) are not weighted equally in the overall score, and so, the score is not just the simple average of the 3. After looking at a few hotels’ location scores, it seems to me that proximity to main attractions has the highest weight in the overall score. Here is an example that I think demonstrates that:
location score

The rollout is not surprising, as Google seems to be trying the become the dominant force in the hospitality space for research and bookings and the location is one of the most important criteria travelers consider in hotels. Google is still testing hotel price insights, and I would not be surprised to see this feature to roll out soon as well.

Update: There seems to be some confusion with regard to triggering the score and the tab. They are not displayed for searches that trigger knowledge panels (i.e. branded searches). To see them, you will need to conduct a generic search (i.e. “hotels”), and click on a listing in mobile local pack / local finder.

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