Google Rolls Out “Sold Here” to Local Search Results

Google seems to be rolling out a new feature – “Sold Here” to local packs and local finders.

sold here - google local finder

This feature appears to be triggered for product specific queries. It looks like it has only been rolled out to mobile search, although, earlier today I saw it on desktop too. Brodie Clark who spotted the feature first also posted a desktop search screenshot on twitter:

Google could pull this information from various places including reviews, website content, products entered in GMB, and local answers, but it looks to me like the answers are really the main, and perhaps the only factor here.

I’ve tested a few different queries for which the Sold Here tag is triggered, and made the following observations:

  1. Most listings with the “Sold Here” tag did not have a Products tab which would have been available if they had added products in GMB;
  2. I’ve found instances where businesses’ websites do not mention the products they are showing the “Sold Here” tag for;
  3. Reviews did not always reference the products;
  4. The example below shows 2 similar business listings (same brand, same website, no products, etc). One of the results has the “Sold Here” tag, while the other has “Their website mentions” tag. Before taking the screenshot I responded “Yes” to the product related question about the 1st listings.

sold here - google local pack google questions

It seems logical that Google would take these user answers into account in some way or another, so, I usually try to trigger local questions for my clients’ listings and answer them. While Google probably needs more than one user to answer the questions to gain enough confidence in the answers, considering this change I would encourage all of you to do the same.


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