Google Tests Tabbed SERP Interface For Branded Searches

Google is testing a new look for branded SERP interface on mobile devices, with a set of tabs that can display information about locations, menu, top stories, similar companies, etc. depending on the type of the business.

Google Tabbed Search Results test - Google Overview

Google Tabbed SERP test - Pizza Hut overview Google Tabbed Search Results test - Walmart Overview

The new interface seems to be only tested for large brands that would normally have a branded knowledge panel available in SERPs. This UI is quite similar to the Movie & TV show UI which also has a number of sticky tabs that allow users to browsers information related to different topics about an entity.

Here are more screenshots of different tabs:

Google locations tab test  google top stories tab test google more like this tab test  google menu tab test

If this UI is rolled out it will be an evolution of the tabbed local pack interface for large brands Google launched last year.

Google wants to keep users in SERPs longer, and so the company always looks for new ways to provide more information directly in search results. Tabs seem to often be the solution Google opts for as it allows to somewhat expand very limited search engine results pages’ real estate.




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