Google Testing New Branded Local Pack UI With More Tabs

Google is testing a new branded local pack UI with a lot more tabs:

branded local pack test - overview tab


The tabs users see may vary depending on the category and brand, although Overview, Location, and People Also Search For tabs seem to be available in all branded local packs. Additional tabs may include Products (manufacturer brands), Latest Models (car brands), Menu (restaurants), Executives, Video Games (typically shown for game developer and game console manufacturer brands, but can also be shown if a brand developed a game as in Pizza Hut’s example below), etc.

branded local pack test - locations tabbranded local pack test - menu tab  branded local pack test - video gamesbranded local pack test - people also search for tab    branded local pack test - products tab 

branded local pack test - executives tab

In some cases (typically when local intent seems to be fairly low), the new tabs are merged under brands’ Knowledge Panels:

new brand knowledge panel test - overview tab

Here is what the current branded local pack UI looks like:

current local pack


Google first started showing tabs within branded local packs in November 2017, when the “About” tab was added to branded local packs. Last June Google added Products tab to some branded local packs. This latest test hints us that Google is not going to stop using tabs to make UX within SERPs more immersive and also preserve the valuable SERP real estate.

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