Google Tests Hotel Price Insights On Desktop

Google rolled out hotel Price Insights feature to mobile devices last August after about 1 month of testing. Now the feature is finally being tested on Desktop. On desktop the feature is located under the Prices tab and is usually displayed to the right of rates box as 3 collapsed graphs – Market Comparison; Price Evaluation; and When To Book.

Hotel Price Insights - Desktop Test

Hotel Price Insights - Desktop Test - when to book

Google has always tried to unify UX across desktop and mobile, and during the launch of the new hotel search desktop UI last October Price Insights was one of the very few features that for some reason was not rolled out to bigger screens right away. Looks like Google is about to fix that. The fact that the price comparison graphs are being tested next to the rates box under the Prices tab (the main conversion point within hotel packs on desktop) may mean that higher-priced hotels may see a drop in conversion rates as users are engaged into further research and comparison shopping.

Here is what the Prices tab normally looks like on Desktop:

Hotel Price Tab Desktop

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