Google is Showing Zero Search Results for Time, Calculations & Conversions. Again.

Google is showing answers for calculation, unit conversion, and local time queries without any search results on mobile devices.

google zero result SERPs - time

google zero result serps - date google zero result sertps - calculation google zero results serps - unit conversion


Many of you probably still remember the zero search results experiment Google conducted in March:

Danny Sullivan of Google confirmed that they were testing the 0 results SERPs globally for the same types of queries we are seeing now. In a later update, he said that they had collected enough data and feedback and the experiment had been stopped until certain improvements are made. It looks like the improvements have been made and the results are available again.

I compared the results I see now with the results and complains we saw in March looking for changes that may have been made. I have been able to find 2:

  • Zero result SERPs are now only available in mobile search. In March, they were also available on desktop;
  • Google seems to only display 0 results when there is very little ambiguity. For example, “5+5” returns 0 results, while “2+2” (which is related to some entities) returns a regular SERP;
  • No ads are displayed for zero result SERPs.

google results - 2+2google results - time


I am able to replicate this in different browsers on different mobile devices which is often an indicator of a rollout, but this may also be another global experiment.

Update: Google confirmed that this has been rolled out.

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