Google Is Testing a New SERP Design With Green Links, Yellow Stars, New Font, And More

Google is testing another SERP user interface. Here are some of the changes that are being tested:

  • Green links in most of the SERP features: site links; news links; youtube links; etc.;

sitelink test

youtube test

  •  As you may have noticed from the screenshots, a new font and font color are being tested;
  •  Yellow review stars;

3pack test

  • New designs for featured snippets, “People also ask”, “found in related search”, “Related searches”, and many other features;

featured snippet test

found in related test

related search test

  • New design for organic app “install” CTA;

install test

  • Rounded corners for all of the SERP features;

site link test

  • Green AMP icon;

top stories test

  • Blue price carousel for ads.

ads test

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