Google is Testing Carousel in Hotel Local Packs

Two weeks ago we noticed that Google was testing hotel price tags in local 3-pack. Today I spotted another variation of the test with a carousel, price filter, and more prominent deal tags.

carousel in hotel local pack

Here is what it looks like in action:


I have not seen carousels in 3-packs before, and if Google rolls this out it could a pretty big change. Also, while Google limits the number of listings in the carousel to 3, in theory, this limit could be dropped, as no additional space in SERP would is required. Some people might remember that Google used to have interactive carousels for hotel listings, although not in local packs, which was dropped in 2014.

I can see why price filter could work for this type of pack. With all these price tags the map looks cluttered and the more users can refine their parameters, the less cluttered the map could get.

During the same browser session, I checked a few other industries and none of them had the carousel.

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