Google is Testing New Hotel Local Finder & Hotel Knowledge Panel UI

Update: Google rolled out this UI in February 2018.

Google is testing a new user interface for hotels’ local finder and local knowledge panel.

To see the new UI test for yourself you can either open this link on your phone (or using Dev Tools’ mobile phone emulator), or watch the videos below

New local finder UI test:

Now hotel KP UI test:

Lots of things are being tested here, and I’m going to outline only the most notable ones.

Here are some of the most notable changes that Google is testing in the local finder:
1) New image carousel for the listings;
2) Destination selector;
2) New price label design;
3) New hotel filter user interface;
4) New Map / List toggle button design.

The most notable changes to the knowledge panel:
1) Again, price label and image carousel are new;
2) New “Copy Link” button replaces “Save” button;
3) 5 tabs – Overview; Prices; Reviews; About; Photos (About and Photos are new);
4) “In this area” section of the Overview tab shows top sights, transit stops, and airports;
5) “Photos” section of the Overview is very different from what we usually see there;
6) “About” tab contains hotel description, as well as amenities, accessibility, offerings, lodging options, crowd, and payment information.
7) New “View Prices” CTA overlay;
8) Interestingly, Questions & Answers seem to be missing from knowledge panels in this test. (Can we expect a rollback of this feature?)

Google continues experimenting a lot with how it presents hotel listings, just last month, for example, Google rolled out hotel price sliders to hotel’s local packs. This test is just another step Google is making to keep users within its properties until the booking is made.

Are there any other hotel questions you can think of that Google does not answer directly? If there are, I’m sure Google will get there pretty soon.

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