Google Tests Location Tab and Location Scores in Hotels’ Knowledge Panels

Update: Google has rolled out Location Tab and Location Score for hotel listings in August 2018

Google is a testing a new “Location” tab in hotels’ local Knowledge Panels.

Google Location Tab Test

Location is one of the most important factors for hotel guests, so, it is not at all surprising that Google is looking for new ways to provide information about it.

In addition to the new tab, Google is showing location score under the overview tab.

Google hotel location score

Under the location tab, users will find 3 sub-tabs – Highlights, Top Sights, and Getting Around.

Google hotel location highlights

Under the Highlights tab, Google shows a breakdown of the location score. The 3 components that go into the score are: proximity to top sights, proximity to transit, and airport access.

google hotel location scores

Under the “Top Sights” Google shows a carousel with main city attractions with distance from the hotel and review ratings.

top sights tab

Getting Around tab contains information about nearby public transportation stops.

getting around tab

Google says that the location scores are calculated based on data from Google Maps. However, at the moment it’s not entirely clear how the scores are calculated exactly.

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