Google is Testing Hotel Price Sliders in Local Packs on Desktop

Update: Google hotel price sliders were rolled out to local pack on December 8, 2017.

Google is now testing hotel price slider in local pack in desktop browsers:

google hotel slider test (desktop)

In addition to the slider, Google is also testing a new calendar icon, an updated calendar, and bubble filters in hotels’ local packs. The filter resembles the bubbles on Mobile, as well as hotel local finder filters on Desktop.

The updated calendar is the same calendar that is used in the hotel local finder:

New local pack calendar:
local pack hotel calendar test

Current local pack calendar:
local pack hotel calendar

Google has been testing a similar hotel price slider on mobile devices since June:

google hotel slider test (mobile)

The hotel price slider was rolled out to local packs on mobile and desktop in August, and it appears Google is looking to expand this feature to local packs as well.

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