Google Tests Highlights Icons in Hotels’ Local Knowledge Panels

Google is testing highlights icons in hotels’ local knowledge panels.

hotel highlight icons

Google rolled out similar highlights icons for some businesses (mainly restaurants) in June, 2017, but they are new for hotels’ listings.

While some of the highlights (e.g. pool, pet-friendly, fitness center, etc.) seem to be pulled from GMB attributes, others are based on current listings performance (i.e. top-rated icon is displayed for hotels with high Google reviews) or on other factors, like users’ answers to Google’s listing questions (for example, “luxurious vibe” is likely to be determined that way).

The number of different icons is already high, and if other listings’ are any indication Google is likely to expand them even further, but as of now I’ve been able to see the following: luxurious vibe; great dining; stylish vibe; pool; pet-friendly; fitness center; near public transit; bar; top-rated; free Wi-Fi; great breakfast; great rooms; restaurant.

Google always tests new UI features and not all of them are rolled out, but based on the highlights icons’ roll out to local listings in other verticals, I would say it’s likely we will see this feature roll out to hotels’ listings fairly soon.

Update: Brad Brewer said on Twitter that he’s been seeing the icons for couple weeks in the U.S. and shared highlights he’s spotted and collected so far:

Update 2:

It looks like the feature has already been rolled out to Google Maps on desktop:

google maps hotel highlights icons

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