Google is Rolling Image Sliders in Mobile Search Results

Google seems to be rolling out another update to mobile SERP user interface – image carousels.

google image carousel - small photographs google image slider - bar google image carousel - vw jetta

Google started testing this feature in May 2017. Although, at the time images in carousels were not clickable, but they are now.

Not all pages with multiple images display images slider in search results, and it’s not clear to me how Google decides when to display it. I did some initial analysis of the new feature when the test started in May and here are some of the findings:

Initially, I thought dimensions and image sizes could play a role, but I ruled this out pretty quickly, as there is no consistency in dimensions, and while most of the images I’ve seen were under 0.2 MB, some were over 1MB in size. File extension also does not seem to matter. I’ve seen png and jpeg files pulled into these carousels. The sliders are being tested on a wide range of sites from local dealers to Wikipedia. Although, some sites seem to get the carousels pretty consistently for different queries. Wikipedia is one of them.

If you have an idea as to how this feature works, let me know.

2 thoughts on “Google is Rolling Image Sliders in Mobile Search Results

  • I started seeing those as well…
    The site that has this feature in serps seems to be using a jquery cycle-slideshow.
    But I am not sure of it.

  • Right now I think it has got to do a lot with whether all of the images are loaded on the page. If a slider needs a form of an interaction to load it shows only a single image in the result.

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