Google Has Rolled Out “Inside this place” Photos to Knowledge Panels

Google has added a new feature to local knowledge panels. “Inside this place” section within knowledge panels displays photos inside of brick and mortar locations. It also lets users upload new inside photos.

inside this place - used car dealership

The new feature is very similar to the “from the menu” photo section in restaurants’ knowledge panels that Google rolled out last year. I was able to find one listing that had both of this features displayed at the same time:

inside this place

Not every physical location listing seems to have the new section, and I am not sure whether it is restricted to certain industries. Hotels and Restaurants do not seem to have it at this time.

The new feature makes “see inside” photos link a little redundant, so, I would not be surprised if the later is removed from knowledge panels on mobile phones (the new feature is not available on desktop).

see inside - Google local packs

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