Jab Jab Jab Right Hook Book Review

About Wine

I love good wine. I like pairing it with good food and good companies. If I like something, I try to self-educate myself to a certain level of competency (sometimes just enough to show off, sometimes deeper, to the level where I know that I know nothing). It happened to me with wine couple of years ago, when I went online to dive into blogs and videos about the “bottled poetry” as Robert Louis Stevenson referred to the drink. I stumbled upon the Wine Library TV YouTube channel which was one of the very few decent YouTube channels on the topic at the time. The blogger was a guy passionate about everything he touched on (mainly wine and football). He was extremely direct with his thoughts and words (mistaking the former for the later) on drinks he tasted, praising good wines and bashing bad ones. These passion and honesty made me watch his blog for hours, although, I eventually realized that I was being more entertained than educated by his videos. At the end, I did not get what I was looking for, but I did not feel fooled either. No regrets.

About Kings, Gods, and Efforts

Overall, JJJRH is a good beginner guide into social media marketing. It touches on all of the main platforms, giving a brief idea on how to properly use them. I personally like case studies, and soon after starting reading the book I caught myself looking at the pictures first, trying to predict what the author would say about them.

Gary Vaynerchuk wrote in the book:“Effort is king, context is God, and there’s effort”, and @garevee is a great example of how right it is. For me, his digital marketing genius is in his hard work, in dedication to whatever he does. If you check his numerous social media profiles (this guy is everywhere), you will see that he truly believes in what he writes. He (or his team) puts enormous amount of effort to stay relevant, to go on all new platforms, to keep in touch with his followers, to constantly post updates on each and every platform.

It was an entertaining and engaging reading. But closer to the end of the book I realized that many of the questions I had about social media marketing were not answered. I did not learn THAT much. Perhaps, because for him digital marketing is not a trade, but rather lifestyle which you don’t learn but live with complete determination.


I did not realize that the wine blogger and Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook author is the same person until I finished reading the book and out of curiosity looked up Gary Vaynerchuk’s bio online. After that it all made perfect sense. Same level of passion and entertainment that keep the reader/viewer engaged for quite a long time, even though the real purpose of reading/viewing (in my case it is education) is not met, you stop caring about it and just enjoy the show. No regrets.

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