Google Local Pack Bug: Broken Map in SAB 3-Packs Shown to Logged Out Users

A Google bug causes broken map displayed within local 3-packs with 3 Service Area Businesses on desktop devices for not logged in users.

Google Local Pack Bug - Broken Map  local pack - broken map bug Google Local Pack Bug - Map not loading

The bug is only present on desktop, only for 3 packs with 3 service area businesses, and only if the user is logged out. Given the number of conditions that need to be satisfied to trigger the bug, I wouldn’t be surprised if this has been going on for a while.

Google local pack bug logged in

Logged-in user

google local pack - toronto seo

One of the listings has a physical location

SAB local pack - mobile

Mobile device


Tom Waddington said on twitter that he’s been seeing the bug for a couple of weeks on both desktop and mobile even when he is logged in.


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