Google Testing Local 4-Packs for Hotel Results on Mobile

Google is testing a new UI for hotel local search results.

google hotel 4 pack test - mobile

Here is what hotel local packs normally look like on mobile:

google hotel local pack - mobile

The core difference between the tested new pack and the existing pack are:

  • The new pack has 4 listings instead of 3;
  • The map at the bottom of the pack;
  • The query and location are shown at the top of the pack;
  • There are 4 filter bubbles (Guest favorites, budget options, luxury stays, this weekend);
  • There is no price slider.

With this UI test Google seems to be trying to make user experience more consistent across mobile and desktop. Google rolled out a similar local 4-pack design for hotels on desktop back in November, so it’s not surprising to see 4-packs being tested on mobile too.

google hotel pack - desktop



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