Google is Testing a Completely New Layout

I see new Google tests almost every week and usually send screenshots of them to Mike Blumenthal, Jennifer Slegg, and Barry Schwartz (my go-to sources when it comes to SEO-related news) on twitter, as well as  to Christian Kunz on Google plus (he writes for the German-speaking audience). But today I came across a test that I decided to post here, partially because I want to share a lot of images (too many for a tweet), and partially because I want to try to get a link or two for this godforsaken site 🙂

Google is testing a completely new layout which (if rolled out) means that we are moving deeper and deeper into card-style SERPs. I could talk a lot about the layouts’ differences, but I am not very good with words, and a picture is worth a thousand words, so here is my  8-thousand-word long blog post.

Different color scheme for the home page (the test is gray);

Here is what the full screen of the new layout looks like (thanks to Evgenia Kozoderova for combining different screenshots).

Google SERP test

There is a lot going on here:

  • the search icon is white in the test (we’ve seen it before);
  • the “settings” link is moved from the right side to under the search bar;
  • “search tools” is just “tools” now;
  •  “in the news” is now the card-style “Top stories”;
  • tweets’ design is changed;
  • so is the related searches’ layout.

google layout

Google Images also looks different here. In this case, the test view is whiter.

google-images-test images

Here is a tested movies carousel:

movies-test movies

With all the SERPs changes in this test organic results are pushed further down which will upset many of us.

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