Google launched “Reserve with Google” in Canada, Added a New Booking CTA to Local Packs, And Is Running a Number of UI Tests

Google has launched “Reserve with Google” booking feature for fitness and beauty businesses in Canada. Reserve with Google allows businesses that use one of the supported scheduling partners to see analytics and other information for bookings done through Google.

schedule button cta with 3 buttons (mobile)

see schedule & book - Reserve with Google CTA

After a user clicks on the CTA, they are taken to Google’s scheduling assistant page where they can complete their booking:

reserve with google booking (mobile)

In December 2016 the feature was piloted in Los Angeles, New York City, and the San Francisco Bay Area. The functionally was rolled out to the entire U.S. in March 2017. In an October 2017 blog post, Google announced that businesses can sign up to add booking buttons to their local knowledge panels. In the same blog post, it was announced that Google was planning to roll out the Reserve with Google functionality to more countries, and now we finally see it in Canada.

You can see a number of local businesses listed on this Reserve with Google Toronto page. I was also able to find businesses from many major Canadian cities listed there, which leads me to believe that this has been rolled out nation-wide. I tried a few searches for major cities outside Canada and the U.S. and was not able to find any businesses listed there.

There has not been any announcement of the rollout to Canada by Google yet. In fact, the support page for this feature still says that only U.S. based businesses are eligible for it.

While expanding to the new country, Google seems to have also added booking buttons to local packs. The CTAs are certainly new for Canada, as the feature was only recently launched here, but I was not able to find any mention of the local pack booking CTAs in the U.S. as well. Having said that, Joel Headley mentioned to me that had seen them before, but he was not sure when they were launched. “But it isn’t new this week” he added.

Google is still testing a number of different variations of local packs with booking CTAs on desktop and mobile devices. Here are some examples of what’s being tested:

Book CTA (mobile) Schedule CTA (Mobile)book button cta with 3 buttons (mobile)schedule button cta with 3 buttons (mobile)

Book CTA with click-to-call (mobile)Book local pack cta (desktop)Book local pack cta with 3 buttons (desktop)

Google is also testing different variants of Knowledge Panel booking CTAs:

book online - Reserve with Google CTA check availability - Reserve with Google CTA check schedule - Reserve with Google CTA see availability - Reserve with Google CTA see schedule & book - Reserve with Google CTA

If you operate in the beauty or fitness verticals in Canada you might want to consider integrating your scheduling process with one of Google’s partners to take advantage of this feature.

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