Google Is Testing a New SERP Feature – “Searches Related To”

Google is testing a new “Searches related to” feature in SERP.

Here is what the new feature looks like:

best movies - searches related to google best movies open searches related to

The same “best movie” query currently returns this “People also search for” carousel:

best movies people also search for google

The “Searches related to” feature can be seen anywhere in SERP – at the top, in the bottom (just about “related searches”), and even in the middle. It usually replaces “People also search for” or “Found in related search” carousels in SERP, although “People also search for” is not used in the middle of SERPs.

Here you can see the new feature in the middle of the results page:

searches related to vw jetta

Here is the “found in related search” carousel most users can currently see for the same “volkswagen jetta” query:

vw jetta found in related search

Also, as part of the same test, Google is testing a new design for “Found in related search” feature (when it’s used). As you can see from this screenshot, bold and italics are used on the related search query.

buying a car found in related searches

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