Google is Rolling Out Small Map Interface To Local Knowledge Panels

I believe Google has just rolled out small map icon interface to local knowledge panels in mobile search results.

I first noticed this feature in test in February of this year:

And I think it is live now.

Here you can side by side comparison of the old interface (on the left), and the new interface (on the right).

kp small map compare

The new Knowledge Panel takes up less space in search results pages, which, I’d think Google considered when making this change, as with more and more features being added to Knowledge Panels (e.g. Review from the web, Local Questions & Answers, and Google Posts, etc.), knowledge panels have started occupying more and more space.

Also, this change makes the map more prominently featured in expended knowledge panels. There, Google used push map below the fold, and now the small map stays at the top, as long as other features likes Posts don’t push it down.

expended local panel - small map

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