Google is Rolling Out “Their Website Mentions” Feature in Local Finder

Google seems to be rolling out a new feature to Local Finder. Now, when you search for a term and a business mentions the term on their site, the match will be shown in snippet with local pack.

Google started testing the feature last month.

their website mentions


The snippet combines similar terms (just like AdWords Keyword Planner), and if, for example, a user searches for “Used Vehicles”, the “Used Cars” match will be shown.

Also, the snippet does not always show when a business site mentions a term. From what I’ve seen so far that happens when:

a) The term is part of the business name.

If your business name is “Used Cars Toronto”, you are not going to have this snippet for “used cars” queries.

b) When the term is a business category of a listing.

Which means that listings that have “Used Car Dealer” as their category will not have this snippet showing for “used cars” queries.

c) When the query is too generic. 

This snippet does not seem to show for queries that fall under a business type search. For example, I don see it for “Car Dealer”, “SEO Specialist”, “SEO Agency”, etc. kind of queries.  This only shows for queries that are likely to be single product or service related.


Interestingly, Google initially rolled this feature out for local packs as well as local finder, but a few hours removed it from 3-packs.

their website mentions

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